Woot! The cover for OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS by Charity Alyse has just been revealed! I can’t wait for everyone to read this incredibly moving YA debut! This is the third book I ever sold as an agent and it comes out from Denene Millner Books/Simonteen on November 22nd, 2022! In the meantime, be sure to add the book to your TBR shelf on Goodreads: OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS – GOODREADS

This lilting and riveting young adult debut novel about three teens entangled by secret love, open hatred, and the invisible societal constraints wrapped around people both Black and white is perfect for readers of All American Boys and The Hate U Give.

There is an unspoken agreement between the racially divided towns of Bayside and Hamilton: no one steps over the train tracks that divide them. Or else.

Not until Zach Whitman anyway, a white boy who moves in from Philly and who dreams of music. When he follows his dream across the tracks to meet his idol, the famous jazz musician who owns The Sunlight Record Shop in Hamilton, he’s flung into Capri Collins’s path.

Capri has big plans: she wants to follow her late mother’s famous footsteps, dancing her way onto Broadway, and leaving this town for good, just like her older brother, Justin, is planning to do when he goes off to college next year. As sparks fly, Zach and Capri realize that they can help each other turn hope into a reality, even if it means crossing the tracks to do it.

But one tragic night changes everything. When Justin’s friend, the star of Hamilton’s football team, is murdered by a white Bayside police officer, the long-standing feud between Bayside and Hamilton becomes an all-out war. And Capri, Justin, and Zach are right in the middle of it.

This book brought me to tears the first time I read it! You won’t want to miss it!

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You’ll be hearing more about OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS as its release date gets closer so stay tuned!