Jammin’ in Jamaica

Three weeks ago my family and I had the pleasure of going to Jamaica for spring break. I know, I know, cue the tomatoes of jealousy. But hear me out.

Yes, it was warmer and sunnier than back home in New Jersey. Much warmer. Like 80’s every day.

Yes, it was relaxing. Very relaxing. Like smell the coconut suntan oil and melt into the lounge chair relaxing.

You can get all that from any old tropical island.

What I love most about Jamaica is the people. This was our second trip to this beautiful island and the people of Jamaica are simply amazing. Their happy-go-lucky attitudes, friendly smiles and fun-loving nature are absolutely contagious.

The first day we were there it rained for a good portion of the day. The afternoon shower, if there is one, usually only lasts for an hour or so. That day, it started at 12:01 and continued till 7:00 pm. No problem, mon. They brought us fruity drinks while we soaked in the outdoor hot tubs in the pouring rain. (Vacation tip – bring covered Tervis cups – keeps rain out and drinks cold).

Another day, the afternoon shower never came, so the temperature and humidity were nearly unbearable. One of the workers at the resort came by to collect used towels and cups. I told him I felt bad for him that he had to work when it was so hot out. He laughed and said, “The sun is good. We love the sun, we hate the rain…and work…well, it’s good to work.” He continued down the beach humming. It doesn’t get much happier than that I think.

They’re so friendly, as a matter of fact, that many of them remembered us from the last time. Now, I kind of expect this from the people that work at Beaches Resort – it’s one of the things they’re known for. But, there’s a man (not affiliated with the resort) that walks the beach every day selling handmade bracelets. He sold us four of them last year. When he saw me this time, he said, “Miss Marlo, your boys have gotten so big.” You could’ve knocked me over with a fistful of sand. I asked him how he remembered my name and he said it was because I was named after That Girl, which made me laugh. So, I actually felt bad that I didn’t know his name. Many of the vendors who walk the beach selling wares and renting jet skis have nicknames like The Captain, Scoobie Doo, and Rasta Man. But I wanted to know what his given name was, so I asked him, and he told me it was Clifton.

Now, I can say I have a friend named Clifton who lives in Jamaica. Respect, mon.

We were so relaxed and having such a good time that somehow, I even let my boys go cliff diving at Rick’s Cafe. Off the thirty-five foot cliff, no less. I guess I just figured it was a once in a lifetime thing to do and I didn’t want to hold them back. Luckily, they survived and so did I.

And after having gone to Jamaica twice now, I think I finally understand that song by Bob Marley, Three Little Birds. All day long, little birds about the size of humming birds dart among the tops of the palm trees. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this the first time I was there. (I blame the rum.)

So, what’s the best place you ever vacationed and why?



17 thoughts on “Jammin’ in Jamaica

    • Ahh, Bali! Very exotic! Now, I’m jealous. I’ve seen Bali only in pictures, but it looks like it would be phenomenal. Definitely my cup of tea 🙂

  1. Hi Marlo! My favorite vacation spot was turks and Caicos. It was a great place for my family and it was loads of fun! I can’t wait to go again because I heard they put up some new attractions!

    • We’ve been there, too! We stayed at Beaches, but that was several years ago now. I hear so much has changed – we’d like to go back at some point, as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Marlo!

    My favorite vacation spot is definitely Viva Las Vegas!….so much to do there as there is something for everyone….the weather is nice all year round and there is a lot do even outside the city limits of Vegas such as Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon, etc.
    I would definitely go back in a heartbeat!

    • Hi Chris,
      I’ve never been to Vegas, but I’ve heard great things! My hubby and I lived in Houston during the 90s and we should have gone while we had the chance and were closer. But we somehow never made the time and then ultimately moved back to NJ. Maybe we’ll get there one of these days after the kids are in college 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I enjoyed your Jamaica story, it felt like I was there walking the beaches and looking up at the little birds darting around on the tops of the palm trees! I really got a true feeling for the atmosphere and the people who live there! Glad you had a nice vacation with your family!

  4. The best place I have ever vacationed is a bit of a tough question.. off the top of my head, I would have to say it’s a cross between two favorites: Greece (too many beautiful islands to choose from) and what I like to call a “home away from home” in Puerto Rico. It’s a little known secret of ours (husband and I) to visit the west coast of PR, rather than the tourist heavy east coast, for fantastic beaches that are much less crowded and sunsets that are absolutely amazing. Definitely one of our favorite spots. However, it sounds like our next trip might need to be Jamaica!

    • Hi Sheryl,
      I’ve heard wonderful things about Greece! It’s definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

  5. Favorite place to vacation….Vermont (in the summertime, though..not a skiier) Lots of wide open spaces, plus Ben & Jerry’s. What could be better??

  6. My favorite place to vacation is Beaumont, Quebec, Canada. We get to see my mother’s side of the family, stay in my step grandmother’s chalet and enjoy the peaceful tranquility and amazing views from the St. Lawrence River. Every few hours you can hear the barges tooting their horns while they trek up the rocky river and port at either the “old city” of Quebec or farther inland to the “new city” of Quebec. While I do not fluently speak French, all the people are polite but if I were to speak English or “act like an American” everything goes down hill. The price for poutine, a Canadian specialty of fries, cheese and gravy from Mc Donalds’ doubles in price and they look down at us. Oh well, I am still proud to be an American!

    • Canada sounds lovely, Greg! And I never new fries, cheese and gravy was called poutine – we used to make a version of this when I was a teen and worked at a family restaurant called Phillip Arthur’s – good stuff 🙂

  7. I’ve been to Jamaica, and stayed at a resort. Reading your story reminded me of the the wooden cross I purchased from one of the workers that walked along the water. Exactly as I remember Jamaica, rain and all!
    Every vacation is my favorite, but I made a promise to myself…if I make it back to Hawaii, there I will stay.

    • Hawaii is definitely at the top of my list of places to go next! My parents have been there and their pictures were absolutely amazing. Thanks for stopping by Denise 🙂

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