My TV interview on The Spark!

20160723_174946Happy New Year to everyone! This is a throwback from last year, but I finally received permission to share the video of my author interview which was filmed in June and aired in September on WHYY’s TV show, The Spark. Eeeep! I guess I did okay considering it was my first author interview that was filmed. The blue dress pictured on the right is the one I wore for the interview 🙂

The Spark – Marlo Berliner’s Interview

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I’d be ever so grateful.

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2 thoughts on “My TV interview on The Spark!

    • Hi Shawn,
      Thank you so much for your interest! It means the world to me. I’m feverishly working on getting Book Two out by the end of February. The pre-order should be up on or about February 14th. There will also be an official cover reveal shortly, as well. I really appreciate everyone’s patience. I’m just trying to make sure it’s the very best book it can be before I set it loose into the world.
      Hope this helps!
      All my best,

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