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Have a manuscript, query, or synopsis in need of a skilled pair of eyes? You’ve come to the right lady! I offer editing services for MG, YA, and some select adult fiction. As a published author myself, I have spent years learning the craft, diving into the mechanics of story, and honing my editing skills. I can help you identify issues with pacing, voice, plot, world building, and character development. As an editorial intern for a NY literary agency, I know just how tight and polished your story needs to be in order to stand out and catch an agent’s interest.

During my years as part of the publishing and writing community, I have been fortunate to read, critique, and edit some truly incredible stories. Here are just a few testimonials from authors I have worked with:

Marlo Berliner has a passion and talent for story. In my own manuscripts, for developmental editing, she was able to spot plot holes, inconsistencies in character development, and in line editing she is quick to catch overused words, grammar, formatting errors–in essence all of the requirements for an ms to be submission ready. Anyone who acquires this brilliant woman, as agent or editor, will be a lucky writer.


Marlo is an exceptional editor, who went above and beyond my expectations. She took the time to not only understand my voice, but also my vision for the story, utilizing her extensive knowledge in the publishing field to polish and edit my entire manuscript in a very short length of time. If I had questions, she always made herself available to answer. I highly recommend her services to any writer wanting to better their craft.

Katarina Tonks, Wattpad Star and Author of the DEATH IS MY BFF Series (recently optioned by Sony Pictures Television)

marlo berliner services offered

Manuscript Review/Developmental Edit

I’ll read through the manuscript and give you a 3-5 page editorial letter breaking down concerns or problems with overall issues — structure, pacing, characterization, plot, voice, etc. This edit won’t include typos or grammar per se, but I always rework some examples in tracked changes to show you how to tighten your prose and strengthen your writing voice.

This edit will include either three rounds of emails to clarify points, or an hour of phone/Skype discussion.

Depending upon the length of the manuscript, this service ranges between $100 and $200.

Complete Manuscript Edit

This service provides you with an editorial letter, then once you’ve addressed those issues I’ll review the project again and edit the full manuscript in tracked changes with margin notes and corrections. While not a copy edit, this will also catch most spelling, grammar, typos and dropped words. After you make corrections one last time, I am happy to take a second pass at reviewing the story to make sure it is submission ready. (Many times I work with a manuscript for a few more polishes until a story is perfect!) This service can include 60 minutes of phone/Skype clarification or a few rounds of email clarification.

Depending upon the length of the manuscript, this service ranges between $400 and $500.

Query, Pitch, and Synopsis Edits

This service includes line-by-line notes on your query letter, pitch, or synopsis with a letter detailing overall comments/concerns. It also includes an optional re-read of the revised material with additional notes. For queries, I will also give notes on up to 10 sample pages.

Depending upon how many passes we take at your pitch/query and/or the length of your synopsis, this service generally ranges between $50 and $100.


If you are interested in my services, simply fill out the form below. Please include a title, genre, approximate word count, and a brief description of your needs. I will respond within 48 hours. To be sure we can work together, please have the first 15 or so pages of your project ready to send, as well as, a one paragraph blurb that I can review.

All rates are dependent on project hours needed.

Thank you for considering my services, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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